Pattaya, Thailand. How To Get There From Bangkok Airport.

Living in Bangkok, Thailand, I travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia several times a year. Malaysia is south of Thailand, with a land border with Thailand, stretching for hundreds of miles and major roads from Thailand going straight through Malaysia and down to Singapore. Kuala Lumpur, otherwise known as KL, is on the western side of Malaysia and, with a few different ways of getting there, some have more advantages than others. If you want to get from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, look at these different modes of transportation, and decide which one works best for you.

Service – When you first board, particularly if you haven’t been to Thailand before, being greeted by beautiful exotic-looking flight attendants wearing traditional Thai dress is lovely. Half-way through the 17 hour flights when, for the third time, one of them has forgotten to bring your glass of Coke, it’s not so lovely. Service on Thai, in fact, is distinctly average. No frills on these flights and with their flight staff being a bit ditzy or simply misunderstanding what you want, it can make that 16 hour flight seem a lot longer.

I was walking along and though I need a book, I walked into a little shop and walked the tight and crowded stands to find something that would help me get out of this slump. There was a Nepoleon Hill book, I knew of his work from previous slumps and a had a book called 365 days of inspiration that has two quotes a day for, you’ve guessed it, 365 days.

Apart from these, there are a lot of beaches which are not so popular but good for everyone on low budget trip. These are Trang, Ranong and Kanchanaburi. You can easily make your trip to these locations from by taking flights to Bangkok from anywhere. There are a lot of conveyances available for moving in the country.

Just for the heck of it, while I was waiting at the Bangkok airport during my 7 hour layover, I thought I would check out the currency exchange at the airport. It was an appalling 22.8 baht to $1! Had I no prior knowledge of the exchange rate I would have thought this was OK. But I KNEW that it should be around 33 baht to $1. A HUGE difference.

When you come to Malaga holidays, you might find that you can get some cheap deals that way. That is when they want people to have cruises and a get away so they will lower the prices. That is one way to Bangkok to Phuket to Malaga.

Ocean Park. This is a very popular park to visit, especially for vacationers travelling with children. The park also doubles as a type of zoo. You will be able to take a close look at panda bears and butterflies living side by side. Other attractions include a gold fish pagoda, shark aquarium and rides such as roller coasters. It is like a small nature reserve and theme park all rolled into one.

One more way to find cheap flights is to search for a courier flight. This choice is there if you don’t bring in any baggage. International airline reservation laws permit particular quantity of baggage space for you. You could offer this baggage space to a courier company to transport their parcels. In return, they will pay for your ticket either fully or partially. You get a discount on your tickets and the courier company saves thousands of dollars simply because of passengers like you. Since it offers mutual advantages, it is an excellent way to book cheap flights.